Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Same Blog, New Name!

Well to go with my new name I figured it was also smart to change my blog as well. As of right now everything is the same, outside of the name; although Jenny promises to help me make it less boring. I will get to blogging about our wonderful trip to Vegas soon, I promise my little bloggletts!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A picture of you holding a picture of me In the pocket of my blue jeans

I decided to finally announce an exciting little detail of my life here on this old blog.
I have officially changed my name. That is right, peace out Robillard, hello EVANS.
There are a lot of reasons I did this, but all of you that need to know, already know these reasons. One day I am sure I will blog about it, but today, I think I will focus on the positives of the name change.
I have also dropped my middle name "Lee" and changed it to "Rose" as most of you are aware based on my Facebook and twitter names...(to be honest I never really liked the name anyway).
Evans of course is my step father's last name, a name I should have taken years ago, he is after all the man that raised for most of my life and the only man that gave a damn, yes there were tough times when I was a teenager, but Jenny said it best, when she said "at least he was around to piss you off." Some people are wondering where "Rose" comes from, it comes from the song '"Rose of my heart" which Johnny Cash covered for June Carter, this is a song that means a lot to me and Colin, and I felt like it was better to go with a name that has a strong meaning, rather than some random name I happen to like this week. I know it seems a little odd to be changing my name at 25 when I will most likley be married in a few years, but my mom helped me make the decision suggesting that it is better to live with my maiden name as "Evans" rather than be reminded of everything associated with "Robillard." I am really grateful that all of my friends and family have been so supportive with the name change, it really tells me that I am making the right decision, and I feel really good about it. I am excited to start off on another brighter foot with a much better name.

Here are the lyrics (once again) to "Rose of My Heart"

We're the best partners this world's ever seen
Together we're as close as can be
But sometimes it's hard to find time in between
To tell you what you mean are to me

You are the rose of my heart
You are the love of my life
A flower not faded nor falling apart
If you're tired, rest your head on my arm
Rose of my Heart.

When sorrow holds you in it's arms of clay
It's raindrops that fall from your eyes
Your smile is the sun come to earth for a day
You brighten my blackest of skies

You are the rose of my heart
You are the love of my life
A flower not faded nor falling apart
If you're cold let my love make you warm
Rose of my heart

So hard times are easy times, what do I care
There's nothing I'd change if I could
The tears and the laughter are things that we share
Your hand in mine makes it good

You are the rose of my heart
You are the love of my life
A flower not faded nor falling apart
If you're tired, rest your head on my arm
Rose of my Heart.

You are the rose of my heart
You are the love of my life
A flower not faded nor falling apart
If you're tired, rest your head on my arm
Rose of my Heart.

Monday, September 20, 2010

"...no I just watch a lot of CSI...New York CSI, Miami CSI and Bones too..."

So, it has been awhile since I blogged about a movie, but "The Town" was defiantly worth setting aside some blog time for. I don't want to go into too much detail with it, because I don't want to give a milisecond away, I want you to read this, and run out and watch it. Anyway, I will say that, I had pretty high hopes for this flick; while Ben Affleck movies can be hit or miss, generally ones he has been a part of creating are always incredible, and "The Town" was no exception. Not to mention, this is by far Ben Affleck's very best performance of all time. Yes, Ben the time has come now, I forgive you for that that Jennifer Lopez movie, that must remained unnamed.
I was pleasantly surprised by Blake Lively's performance although, I feel like part of it may have been cut out, it seemed to me, like maybe part of her character was missing.
Outside of creating a heart stopping, intelligent, and interesting action movie (a hard thing to do usually) "The Town" made me want to go to Boston, like NOW. I have been obsessing about Boston since I was little when my mom told me I started speaking in a Boston accent as a baby, meeting Colin another Boston lover, has only intensified that, but after seeing this movie, all I wanted to do was run home and book a trip ...I am planning one in my head now...that and watch anything that put Ben Affleck and Boston together...since re-watching "The Town" wasn't an option, I settled for "Good Will Hunting".
If you haven't heard me say it enough - go now and watch it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Hair...again.

Breaking news, I got my hair cut, and this is what it looks like!
I was really scared when Kuba was cutting it, but once it was all finished, I was in love with it. Everyday I find more reasons to love it. Who would have thought last winter when I was terrified to cut it to my shoulders that I would cut it this short...I am pretty sure my hair hasn't been this short since I was a toddler.

Hope you like it my blogger darlings.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy 1.5 iversary

In honor of our 1.5 -iversary I was going to post a bunch of pictures of us together, and ramble on about how happy the last 1.5 year of my life has been, and how much I love Colin...but lets face it, I write that basically in every post. SO, I thought for a change, I would post a few videos on a few of our other favorite couples...(that remind us of us ha ha) so, that you out there in blogger world, won't lose your lunch reading about how insanely happy we are together.
Video One!

Video Two!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Afternoon smile

This made me smile today, because it reminds me of my favorite joke; which goes a little something like this:
There are two muffins in an oven, and the one muffin says "wow it is ever hot in here" and the other muffin says "AHHHHHHH a talking muffin". Ha ha ha.

I love his joke so much. I told it to Colin the other day to distract him while he was getting his tattoo - I know he thought it was a stupid joke, but it made him smile, and for one millisecond forget that he was paying someone to torture and permanently scar the skin on his rib cage.